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Dementia Care Certificate Student Review


I wanted to take some time to express how wonderful the Dementia Care Certificate program was with Professor Christine DiLeone. This certificate helped to visualize dementia from many different aspects. The program helps to shed light on a silent pandemic that society especially professionals in the medical field need to know. Not only did the program provide valuable information but it also gave tools to help me thrive further in my career. I am a Dementia Care Coordinator and learned so much about my field. The concerning part about that is how I work with this population and still was amazed on how much I learned. This program made me realize on what exactly I need to focus on in my profession which is educating staff, families, residents, and even myself on this delicate topic. The Dementia Care Certificate should be a mandatory program for all professionals entering the medical field.

Thank you, Professor DiLeone, you helped me become a stronger person in my field and I am forever thankful.

Jennifer Rodriguez

Student Course Review: NURS 5106 – Dementia Caregivers and Families


I took this course as an elective for my Spring Semester of 2022. I am so happy that I selected this course! Dr Dileone really opened my eyes to the impact an Alzheimer’s/Dementia diagnosis has on not only the individual but the caregivers’ responsibility as their love one continues to decline as the disease progresses. Her speakers brought a meaningful connection between the course material/readings and real world view of the patient with Alzheimer’s/Dementia diagnosis. This is an important course for any individual that would like to work with this population from nurses, doctors, mental health and social workers.

Dawn M. Webber, SW, BA - Class of 2022

Dementia Care Certificate Student Review


The Online Dementia Care Graduate Certificate Program at the University of Connecticut is a comprehensive graduate-level course that will meet the needs of professionals across the spectrum. I tend to be skeptical about online discussion forums but found the online discussions enriching. I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of students in the course even in our small class which included diverse representation of race, age, gender, and professional backgrounds. I was specifically looking for a deeper-dive and high-quality academic course and am so pleased to have found this certificate program. It is a longer course than what you might find in some continuing education offerings, but it has much more credibility and was worth the time.

Sara Holt-Knox, APRN